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The beginning of the lace season

I finished my green lace scarf, with plenty of time to block it and take photographs before the end of June. Yay!


Some specs:

Yarn: Vintage DK-weight sock yarn. Dyed by Ilu (shop here), sold by Kirjava Kerä.

Pattern: Free, in Finnish (but with a chart). Get it from Ravelry or via the designer’s blog.

Notes: I think I added more repeats to make the scarf wider. Also used thicker yarn. I stopped knitting when the scarf was 149cm long and after blocking it measured 180cm. 

And what did I do after finishing a lace project that had been on the needles for more than a year? Start another one!


Our camera still doesn’t play well with turquoise.


I go through a lace knitting phase pretty much every year at summer time, so this isn’t anything new.


Green June, the WIP edition

That hat knitting craze I was having? It might be over.


This was supposed to be my green hat for june.


After suffering a minor setback on the hat knitting front (let’s just say that the mere words “pick up and knit” make me want to scream), I turned to my UFO pile. Although all this hat knitting might have made it seem like I only had one project on the needles, I actually have plenty. More than enough, in fact. So many that I have one separate little basket that has all my (semi-)active UFOs; the others are tucked away in various places.

So what exactly do I have in my UFO basket?


If this thing looks familiar, it might be because this project is actually on my Ravelry projects page. It’s a rectangular lace scarf that I started *gasp* in April 2010. So over a year ago. I knit on it a bit last summer, then put it away for months. During the Stash and Burn Slong Along I attempted to finish it “by the end of the year”, as is written on my project page. Obviously that didn’t happen. My excuse is being forced to take a hiatus due to hand pain.

Despite the fact that I often mention green as one of my favourite colours, I actually do not have that much green yarn, and even less green UFOs. This scarf seemed like the only plausible option of finishing something green for project spectrum, which is why I picked it up again last week. And it actually seems quite possible that I will finish the thing! The pattern is an easy, 8-row repeat, so I have been able to knit it pretty much everywhere. And now that the end is actually in sight, it’s even pretty fun. But if I ever want to cast on another rectangular lace scarf, someone please remind me that they usually take me more than a year to complete.


Item no 2 is a sock out of Kollage Luscious. The pattern is called “Spring Cable”, and actually one that I have knit before. It was the 2nd pair of socks I ever finished, knit out of Araucania Ranco in a colour similar to this one. I knit them when I was just moving together with my boyfriend and called them my house socks. Last summer we had to live at my parents’ house because our home was being renovated, and my mother started using the socks. Back at our own home, when I got this yarn, I was struck by the similarity in colour between this skein and the Ranco one. I couldn’t get rid of the idea of knitting the same pattern again. The fact that Fixation is a cotton-nylon mix made it even more appealing; I became vegan last February, and a new pair of house socks out of vegan yarn seemed appropriate. For the most part I am still using stash (wool) yarn, but slightly thicker cotton socks might be just the thing for Finnish summer.

Oh and I am totally counting turquoise as green and blue for PS. The socks won’t probably get finished until (blue) July, though, as I’ve only just gotten past the heel on the first sock.

Green June, week 2

This week my main contribution to Project Spectrum was a meal. A little over a week ago I ate at a Nepalese restaurant, and as the dish was delicious and seemed simple enough, I decided to try the same at home.


Alu saag; Potatoes in spinach-ginger sauce

I didn’t write down the recipe, but the dish is really very easy to prepare. We used 300 grams of frozen spinach, small potatoes, some soy cream and a piece of fresh ginger plus the spices that I thought appropriate, like cumin and coriander.

Knitting-wise, I almost exclusively worked on one project, and finished it yesterday.


The pattern (“Kesävoi”) is from a Finnish book (Neulekirja by Ilona Korhonen and Jenni Österman). The yarn is Regia Bamboo Color that I bought ages ago. So yay for stash reduction! Although the hat did only take one 50g skein of yarn :p


Green June, week 1

I haven’t knit anything green (yet), but luckily my surroundings are overflowing with all things green.



This lovely rhubarb got turned into a vegan Peanut Butter-Rhubarb Cake by my mother.


The recipe is available (in Finnish) here. The cake was extremely delicious so I would gladly recommend it 🙂

I have also knit yet another hat…This one’s pretty plain because I couldn’t settle on a pattern. I just knew that I wanted to use some of the soft hand dyed yarns in my stash. Finally I picked Sanguine Gryphon Kypria. The colourway is called “The Swan”.