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Spreading the Love

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day

Picture shows me attempting to form a heart with my new mittens(!). As wiser knitters have already noted, it isn’t very easy.

There are a variety of things I have been very happy about lately, and what better day to mention them than St. Valentine’s? So without further ado, here goes:

1. Mittens 

Camera Roll-227

Mittens in waffle pattern (from 60 Quick Knits), knit in Dream in Color Classy (colourway in Vino Veritas).

Camera Roll-244

Virankannos Mittens (pattern free in Ulla) for the bf, knit in Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage, colourway Grove.

2. LYS-explosion

Both Snurre (homepage here), and Villavyyhti (homepage here) opened last year in Helsinki. And let’s not forget older favourites, either 🙂 After not having been to yarn stores in a while, there really is nothing better.

3. Etsy: knitting bags

There are many awesome shops but Bird Leg Bags is where I recently got two knitting bags. Not only did I get them fast, wrapped nicely and with a few extras, but OMG…Owls! and kittens! My two weaknesses.

4. (Vegan) Chocolate

A local healthfood store (Ruohonjuuri) has started carrying Moo Chocolates. I am totally addicted. They use rice milk which makes the chocolate taste very similar to “regular” milk chocolate. There are other brands on the market as well but Moo is my favourite. Yummy!





The true depth of winter

It is cold. It is snowing. Snowing again? Snowing still? I don’t know. Feels like it is snowing constantly.

And by cold, I mean seriously cold, -20 C cold. This is the kind of cold that is more than just weather, the kind of cold that requires adapting and precautions. 

One might think that since we experience this cold nearly every winter, it would feel normal and therefore bearable. But no. I at least seem to forget (or mentally block the memory of) the worst winter days during the rest of the year. 

I do try to see the good side of this weather too. The light I actually like -the winter light that hits our living room through most of the day.

And then, of course, there’s knitting. I have worn a handmade sweater pretty much every day, not to mention socks. A bamboo scarf that I was making has been put aside in favour of a gray hat (why did I not knit anything in neutral colours during my hat kick?) and mittens (which speaks volumes about the seriousness of the cold situation since I hate making mittens).

I also have bought wool.

Camera Roll-224

That is not all of it. Stay tuned.