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2012 in Review

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I again wanted to do an end-of-the-year review and so spent a while today frantically adding all my December projects to Ravelry, so I could count them all. 

So, in 2012 I knit:

54 items, of which

26 were hats

10 were socks

6 were scarves/shawls

4 were cowls

5 were mittens/gloves/armwarmers

3 were sweaters (one of which was baby-sized)

To compare these numbers to the stats from 2011, this year I knit considerably more. I managed to make more socks and less hats like I hoped (although 26 still sounds pretty insane).

Looking back at my projects now, there are many that I love dearly. The Essayist Sweater proved to be a great success. It’s warm and soft and I’ve used it as an alternative for a coat in the fall. The Reverie Cowl has been one of my most-used accessories in the warmer months, and I remember knitting it while watching a so-bad-it’s-funny movie with friends. I’m also very happy to have finally knit gloves and mittens successfully.

2012 was, in general, a great year for me and I can only hope that 2013 will be as good. I will in any case start it in the best possible way -with the bf, some knitting, some sparkling wine and vegan potato salad. It doesn’t get any better than that.



Sahramia & kurkumaa

(In Finnish only this time. Merry Christmas!)

Olen aina pitänyt joulusta, vaikka sen perinteinen sanoma ei minua kosketakaan (erosin kirkosta 18-vuotiaana). Tykkään jouluvaloista, kuusen tuoksusta, joululeffoista, ja tietenkin lahjoista…Tänä vuonna antamissani lahjoissa itsetehtyjen osuus on tavallista suurempi, joten aattona sitten jännitetään, kelpaako ne.

Mitä ruokapuoleen tulee, minä & mies olemme tehneet valtavan määrän vegaanisia pipareita (ohje jo hyvöksi havaittu Puputyttö ja vohvelisankari -kirjan pipariohje) sekä seitankinkun Chocochilin ohjeella. Illalla vielä tehdään sahramipullat soijamaitoon perheen naisten voimin.

Sahramipullien lisäksi yksi ehdottomia joulusuosikkejani on vaalea joululimppu. Viime vuonna söin sitä vain seitanin kanssa, mutta tällä kertaa keksin toisenkin särpimen:

Camera Roll-528

Sain synttärilahjaksi ystävältä Vegaanikeittiön käsikirjan, jonka pari eri reseptiä inspiroivat kokoilemaan tämän mössön valmistamista. 

Monet sellaiset ruoat kuin jo mainitsemani seitan”kinkku” ei maistu samalta kuin liha, eikä sen ole tarkoituskaan, mutta tähän tofulevitteeseen musta suola tuo eittämättä kananmunamaisen aromin. Erinomaista myös karjalanpiirakan päällä.

Tofulevite (“munavoi”)

250 g maustamatonta tofua (esim. Alpro)

n. 0,75 tl mustaa suolaa (esim. Govinda)

n. 0,75 tl vihreitä norihiutaleita (voi jättää poiskin, jos kaupasta ei saa)

2 tl kurkumaa 

1-2 tl mietoa sinappia

2-5 rkl margariinia

Murusta tofu käsissä tai haarukalla jääkaappiin mahtuvassa kulhossa.

Lisää suola, norihiutaleet ja kurkuma. Sekoita. Lisää sinappi ja sekoita taas.

Lisää margariinia pieni määrä kerrallaan kunnes rakenne on sopiva. Tarkoitus on siis että levite pysyy leivän päällä.

Camera Roll-535

Jälkkäriksi pari kissapiparia 🙂

Hyvää joulua!

Pom-pom Mania

I’ve always liked pom-poms in theory, but have had problems producing one. Twice I’ve tried to make a pom-pom maker from cardboard and failed miserably. This year however I have accumulated such a large pile of yarn scraps that something had to be done. I don’t do a lot of stripes or colourwork, so pom-poms seemed like the perfect answer.

So I bought a plastic Clover pom-pom maker from the Tampere crafts fair.

Camera Roll-522

Well, obviously I had to first try pom-poms on hats. This one’s in Madelinetosh Tosh DK in “Maple Leaf”. The pattern is Helios from Pipo on pääasia.

Camera Roll-493

Malabrigo Twist in “Ravelry Red”. The pattern is Bobba by Woolly Wormhead. One skein was just barely enough for my (huge) noggin.

Camera Roll-525

And then I had The Idea. We never get a real big tree here since we won’t be at home for Christmas, but I still love to decorate as much as possible. So that’s our small plastic tree with pom-poms and sock yarn miniskeins. 

I have to admit that I also considered adding a pom-pom to the green beret I showed in the last post. But I’m trying to resist the urge for now.

a very particular shade of green

Know how you often buy yarn in the same colour that you’re wearing? Well, I went to the Tampere craft fair like this:

Camera Roll-535

And bought this:

Camera Roll-484

Which became this:


The sweater is a basic bottom-up raglan, knit using Elizabeth Zimmermann’s percentage system. I bought the yarn (Cascade 220) from Tampere two years ago, from the booth that’s in the background in the photo. (The sweater made a brief appearance in a post in March, so it’s been in the works for quite some time. Also, I am obviously obsessed with bright green.)

The yarn I bought this time is from Villavyyhti‘s booth, sparkly sock yarn by Lanitium ex Machina. I know they currently carry another sock yarn by the same dyer, but not this sparkly version. (You could always ask, though -at the Villavyyhti Ravelry group, for instance.)

I knew pretty much at once that I wanted to knit a fancy beret out of my green skein, but struggled with the particulars at first. My first attempt didn’t work and got ripped. I then decided to go top-down and to use two yarns. I got the idea to use a mohair/silk laceweight from the Simple Pleasures pattern (available for free). Mine isn’t Alchemy’s Haiku, though -it’s a very old stash yarn and probably another yarn company’s version of Rowan’s Kidsilk Haze.


(Neither of the pictures shows the crown, but I used yarnovers for the increases.)

I am awfully pleased with the brim. The picot cast off took about 1.5 hours (or two episodes of Pushing Daisies, which might be the best show ever) but I like the result. Very fancy and girly.

And in case you’re wondering, the pictures of me modelling the beret were taken in Turku. We went there for a mini-holiday last weekend.

For a lunch in Turku, I would highly recommend the cafe Turun kirjakahvila. It’s all vegan and near the Turku Cathedral.