The Winter of My Discontent

So the same hand/arm pain that stopped me from knitting for 4 months in 2010 came back at the end of January this year. In April I started seeing a physiotherapist and things are looking up now.

That is the short version. For the long version, continue reading.

Spring came exceptionally late to Finland this year, so when I say that this was a very long winter for me, I mean it both literally and figuratively. I have been mostly healthy all my life and did not react very well to the possibility that this problem with my hands might be chronic. When I stopped knitting, I also stopped visiting blogs and Ravelry -not only because I thought it best to limit my use of the computer, but because i was angry, like a jilted bride at someone else’s wedding.

I did try other crafts, sewing mostly, since it didn’t seem to affect my hands or arms. But for the most part I have used my extra time baking and reading. Between February and the end of April I read at least 10 books: All the Earthsea books (LOVED them) by Ursula Le Guin (including The Other Wind), 75% of Les Miserables (still working through it), Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brogol, Teemestarin kirja by Emmi Itäranta, The Passage by Justin Cronin, The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl by Shauna Reid, Bossypants by Tina Fey and This Rough Magic by Mary Stewart.

From the Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl I also picked up the Couch-to-5K plan. I started in April and have just completed the 5th week.

In April I also started seeing a physiotherapist. I have modified my work environment & posture and done my “homework” (various stretches) meticulously and it appears that my hands and arms are getting better. I was given permission to do crafts and so, on the first warm day this spring, I picked up the needles again.

I am slowly working on a hat.

If you have similar problems: please, do not be stubborn and continue through the pain! STOP knitting and consult a doctor. Do something else. If you’re open to trying other crafts, sewing might be a good option. Chrissy from the Snappy Stitches and Manic Purl podcasts also turned to sewing (and jogging) when hand pain stopped her from knitting (interview here).

I am most definitely not happy about not being able to knit for months, but it did make me read a lot and get some exercise, so maybe there is a silver lining.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still far from being back to normal. Knitting content will be very scant on this blog for some time, but I might post a book review or two as well as some baking-related stuff.



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