About Me


Hi. I’m a knitter and sporadic blogger from Finland. In the wide world of Internet I go by the name vi0let (note the zero). I moved to WordPress from Posterous in April 2013.

I am over 20 but not yet 30. I live in an apartment in Helsinki with my boyfriend. I have a Master’s Degree that may not have anything to do with whatever I am doing for a living.

I have knit a lot of socks but also have phases of intense lace or sweater knitting. I dislike picking up stitches. I might be addicted to knitting hats.

I went from semi-vegetarian to nearly-vegan in February 2011, and the resulting life change was one important factor in my decision to start yet another blog. My attempts to be entire wool-free have not been successful (hence the “nearly” in nearly-vegan) but I have used a fair amount of vegan yarns and write about them occasionally.

I like baking, mystery fiction, cats, most colours, walking, summer and warm weather in general, libraries, coffee, travel and playing Trivial Pursuit.

I dislike Facebook, sticky fingers, horror movies, loud music, carrot juice, cold weather in general, scary dogs and spectator sports.


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