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The Accidental Cowl

I’ve been suffering from startitis and consequently haven’t finished very much. I have only two FOs to report, not hats! Although one of them was going to be a hat.

Camera Roll-397

Seems that the photographer failed to inform me of random bits of yarn sticking out. Sigh.

Pattern: Sugared violets (Ravelry-link) by Rose Beck, from the Be Mine -collection. As I’m sure I’ve already mentioned, I got the pattern collection as a prize, but had I paid for it, it totally would have been worth the money. Way too often do I buy knitting books and hardly knit any patterns from them, while from this I’ve now knit three out of five. This collection was probably perfect for me because the pattern are quite simple -as much as I admire complicated lace shawls, easy ones like these are really what I want to knit.

Yarn: Malabrigo Rios, colourway “zarzamora”, two skeins. I had to leave out the lace edge and still I ran out of yarn. I finished the bind off with Dream in Color Classy leftovers.

This scarf is supersoft and warm, but I actually already put it away for the summer (and then, we got snow. I might have been too eager with this). This next one, on the other hand, I haven’t gotten a chance to wear yet:

Camera Roll-389

Pattern: Reverie Beret from Knitty. But why is it not a beret, you ask? Well…

Usually, if I’m using fingering-weight yarn for a hat, I cast on 148-156 stitches for the brim. In the Reverie pattern the cast on number is 112. “Ridiculous!” I thought. “I’ve knit so many hats by now that I know what to do. I just cast on 156 and follow the pattern from there.”

What I missed here is that usually I CO 156 sts in rib, and then continue in stockinette. The Reverie pattern includes yarn overs, lots of them. The gauge is completely different. I had 208 stitches after the increase round, which might have been fine for a stockinette beret, but not for this. When I finally tried it on, it was huge. Like You-Could-Hide-A-Sombrero-In-There huge.

Before I could despair, I realized that it might make a nice cowl-thing for the spring (also, I don’t like ripping. Who does?). So I continued to knit with the 208 stitches until the whole thing was about 14cm, and then increased 1 stitch in every pattern repeat. Once it seemed that I was running out of yarn, I knit ribbing for a few rounds. Success!

I’m planning to wear it like this:

Camera Roll-398

The combination of a turtleneck pullover with a lace cowl is rather jarring, but maybe with a yellow t-shirt in air conditioned places? Hmm…

Oh, and the yarn is merino sock yarn from Handu that I bought about two years ago. The cowl used the whole skein.


The Knitter’s Happy Place


It is still fall, it is still mostly raining. But I have had a few free days and am at peace with my knitting again.

Besides the free time, some other things helped me significantly:

– biscuits (as a result of the happy discovery that Pirkka Adele biscuits are vegan)

– coffee (drank from my knitting bunnies-mug, no less)

– small, colourful knitting (in this instance a cowl) 

-blogs (especially Mooncalf Makes)


I have decided to not feel guilty about unfinished sweaters, or being forced to buy mittens because I can’t be bothered to knit a pair. This is supposed to be a fun hobby and (as The Yarn Harlot writes) there is no knitting police. In this spirit, I finished an orange cowl out of Malabrigo Worsted and then cast on a Rikke hat (I was even so rebellious as to not use the specified cast on method). 


My hunger for colour has also led to some re-organisation around the house. So far this has meant that I am also more often inspired to clean up, so I’d say it’s a good thing!