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Deutschland! (Part Two)

From Berlin we went to…Guess where?


I’m going to a town that has already been burnt down

(Rufus Wainwright: “Going to a Town”)

Well actually Rufus is referring to Berlin in that song, but it does seem to describe Dresden as well.

We didn’t originally plan to go to Dresden because we both remembered from history lessons that the city was destroyed in WWII -we didn’t think of it as a very tourist-y place. My mother then of course told us that in fact, most of the historical centre of the city has been rebuilt. In many cases some of the original, burned bricks were used alognside new ones, resulting in a mix of dark and white colours.

Arriving to the (rebuilt) Altstadt over a bridge from the Neuestadt, all the churches and opera and Zwinger palace do look very impressive. They seem to loom over you, fairly close together, with discoloured walls and blackened statues.


I loved playing a tourist in the Altstadt, and Galerie Neue Meister was one of my favourite museums on the trip. It was, however, the Neuestadt that made us feel at home.

The population in Dresden is almost the same as in Helsinki, so it might be that the city just felt like the right size -something you can conquer on foot, that doesn’t overwhelm you, but that still has the sights and sounds of a big city. The area that our hotel was in also had a very Kallio-esque vibe (in a good way; other Finns will understand).

There were two eco supermarkets close to our hotel, in addition to one all-vegan restaurant. Two vegan-friendly places were also nearby, and for lunch we went to the Laden Cafe that is right in the middle of the tourist-y area in Altstadt. I would especially recommend the Laden Cafe and the vegan restaurant Falscher Hase:


This dish was apparently a veganized version of a German classic. And waffles for dessert! A good and hearty meal.

I didn’t visit any yarnstores in Dresden and really only knit on the train and while watching football. So no knitting content this time -but I’m pretty sure that the next post will make up for that 😉