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Socks and Celebrations

The end of April is always a busy time for me, and this year it’s even more so. Luckily it’s mostly the fun kind of busy 🙂


It’s not really a celebration without flowers…


…or cake. This is only one of three cakes and the one made by me. The recipe is from a Finnish vegan cookbook (Puputytön juhlakirja). My mother made a vegan strawberry cake (from a recipe in Puputyttö ja vohvelisankari) that was absolutely delicious as well.

But I have been knitting too! Mostly socks. Maybe my sock mojo is really back this time?


Pattern: none, except for the heel. I inserted an afterthought heel to my basic sock using Lala’s sock pattern (ravelry pattern page here and video tutorial here). I don’t think I’ll be doing it again very soon -it requires kitchener stitch and is more fiddly than my usual short-row heel (that I learned from cosmicpluto’s tutorial years ago). But I’m happy that I tried it, and now I have perfectly stripy socks 🙂

Yarn: Baby Boom by Fiesta Yarns, colourway “spring chill”. I bought the skein from another raveller two(?) years ago. It’s not a self-striping yarn, so I was really amazed at the pretty even stripes. That’s why I tried the afterthought heel -I didn’t want the stripe sequence to get messed up.

Thoughts: They are very pretty and soft, but why do I have so many blue(ish) socks? I now have seven pairs of blue/turquoise socks. And more are on the way:


This sock has many firsts for me -first time I tried dying yarn myself, first time picking a stitch from a stitch dictionary, first time using such a skinny yarn (420m/100g) successfully for socks…You can tell that these are going to be extra-special.


April Dreaming (hurry up, spring)

It snowed here last night. Yes, snowed. Seeing it in the morning (before I’ve even had my coffee) was like a slap in the face.

So I played a bit with snapseed. We went to the Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden on Saturday, and also have flowers at home, so I had a lot of material.

This is for all the spring dreamers out there. One day the winter will end.

Camera Roll-448

Camera Roll-405

Camera Roll-449

The basics

More info about Project Spectrum can be found here.

I am also on Ravelry as vi0let and on Twitter as ravelryvi0let.


For me, Project Spectrum is mostly about knitting and a little bit about cooking/baking. My camera is a pretty basic Canon PowerShot SX200 IS. 

I do currently have a red hat on the needles, but no pictures of it yet. So to start things off, I have a picture taken at the Botanical Gardens in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.