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Sahramia & kurkumaa

(In Finnish only this time. Merry Christmas!)

Olen aina pitänyt joulusta, vaikka sen perinteinen sanoma ei minua kosketakaan (erosin kirkosta 18-vuotiaana). Tykkään jouluvaloista, kuusen tuoksusta, joululeffoista, ja tietenkin lahjoista…Tänä vuonna antamissani lahjoissa itsetehtyjen osuus on tavallista suurempi, joten aattona sitten jännitetään, kelpaako ne.

Mitä ruokapuoleen tulee, minä & mies olemme tehneet valtavan määrän vegaanisia pipareita (ohje jo hyvöksi havaittu Puputyttö ja vohvelisankari -kirjan pipariohje) sekä seitankinkun Chocochilin ohjeella. Illalla vielä tehdään sahramipullat soijamaitoon perheen naisten voimin.

Sahramipullien lisäksi yksi ehdottomia joulusuosikkejani on vaalea joululimppu. Viime vuonna söin sitä vain seitanin kanssa, mutta tällä kertaa keksin toisenkin särpimen:

Camera Roll-528

Sain synttärilahjaksi ystävältä Vegaanikeittiön käsikirjan, jonka pari eri reseptiä inspiroivat kokoilemaan tämän mössön valmistamista. 

Monet sellaiset ruoat kuin jo mainitsemani seitan”kinkku” ei maistu samalta kuin liha, eikä sen ole tarkoituskaan, mutta tähän tofulevitteeseen musta suola tuo eittämättä kananmunamaisen aromin. Erinomaista myös karjalanpiirakan päällä.

Tofulevite (“munavoi”)

250 g maustamatonta tofua (esim. Alpro)

n. 0,75 tl mustaa suolaa (esim. Govinda)

n. 0,75 tl vihreitä norihiutaleita (voi jättää poiskin, jos kaupasta ei saa)

2 tl kurkumaa 

1-2 tl mietoa sinappia

2-5 rkl margariinia

Murusta tofu käsissä tai haarukalla jääkaappiin mahtuvassa kulhossa.

Lisää suola, norihiutaleet ja kurkuma. Sekoita. Lisää sinappi ja sekoita taas.

Lisää margariinia pieni määrä kerrallaan kunnes rakenne on sopiva. Tarkoitus on siis että levite pysyy leivän päällä.

Camera Roll-535

Jälkkäriksi pari kissapiparia 🙂

Hyvää joulua!


Fall in Pictures


Camera Roll-493

Walking in Vanhakaupunki (literally “Oldtown”).


The Girl Hat That Was On Fire (Slable by Woolly Wormhead)

Camera Roll-492

Even though I dislike Juha Tapio and have seen Kaksi vanhaa puuta lyrics used in way too many wedding invitations, the song still makes me cry every fricking time.

Camera Roll-494

My mother insisted on celebrating my graduation somehow. Because I threatened not to show up if I didn’t get to do the planning, the guests very few and all food vegan. The menu was:

Mushroom Focaccia (recipe from Chocochili)

My father’s Waldorf Salad, recipe for vegan dressing from Papu, porkkana ja hillopulla by Marianne Kiskola

Rachel Ray’s quinoa salad with roasted bell peppers (shown in the photo)

Soyballs from Veganissimo (shown)

Camera Roll-495

Dessert: modified version of the cake in Puputyttö ja vohvelisankari (featuring Airy & Creamy soycream) and banana-lingonberry cake (Chocochili)


More walking:

Camera Roll-496

Featuring yet another hat! This one I testknit for Stefanie Bold. The cardigan is also a handknit, but was made by my mother at least 20 years ago.

More eating:

Camera Roll-439

Vegan cupcakes from Niia’s Cupcakes. They have a stand in Forum Shopping Center and I’m pretty sure also do catering and stuff. The strawberry cupcake=piece of heaven.

Camera Roll-486

(Yep, more hats. Also featuring the Essayist Sweater.)

Camera Roll-481

We’ve been really enjoying the Great Outdoors this fall: mushroom picking with my father, walking in Keskuspuisto…It probably helped that temperatures were pretty high for most of September and October. However, it snowed last night so this weekend doesn’t look that promising. But I’m very happy I enjoyed it while it lasted!

Vegan Hostess’ Chickpea Salad

[Bilingual, because I’m participating in a Finnish cooking challenge. The challenge is vegan food and what you would serve to a vegan guest. Details in Finnish here]

Olen jo tainnutkin mainita, että teen usein salaattia kun meille on tulossa vieraita. Niistä syntyy vähemmän tiskiä ja ruoan voi tehdä valmiiksi. Lisäksi kevyempi pääruoka tarkoittaa, että jälkiruoalle jää enemmän tilaa. Mikäs sen mukavampaa 😉

As I’ve mentioned before, I often make a salad when we have guests coming over. Two important reasons for this are that there’s usually less cleaning up to do and a cold salad can be prepared in advance. A light main dish also means that I can bring out the big guns with the dessert 😉

Yleensä käytän aika paljon reseptejä (jos ei muuten niin inspiraationa), mutta yksi menneen kesän suosikkisalaateistani on omasta päästä (vaikkakin niin simppeli, ettei se paljoa miettimistä vaadi). Tätä olen ehtinyt tarjota jo lähestulkoon jokaiselle jonka kanssa syön edes satunnaisesti yhdessä.

Usually I cook from other people’s recipes, or at the very least use them as an inspiration. However, this past summer I came up with a super simple salad that quickly became one of my favourites. I’ve served it to practically everybody I on occasion eat with.


Summer Chickpea Salad / Kesäinen kikhernesalaatti

Enough for two hungy people / kahdelle nälkäiselle

5 dl of pasta / pastaa

one garlic clove / yksi valkosipulin kynsi

230 g ready-to-eat chickpeas / valmiita kikherneitä

70 g rucola (a.k.a rocket salad and arugula, according to Wikipedia)

juice of half a lemon / puolikkaan sitruunan mehu

canola oil to taste  / rypsiöljyä maun mukaan

salt and pepper to taste / suolaa ja pippuria maun mukaan


Cook the pasta / keitä pasta.

Crush the garlic clove / puserra valkosipuli.

Rinse the chickpeas and rucola / huuhtele kikherneet ja rucola.

Mix the pasta with the garlic and chickpeas / sekoita valkosipuli ja kikherneet pastan joukkoon.

Squeeze in the lemon juice and stir a bit / puserra sitruunamehu joukkoon ja sekoita hieman.

Add the rucola and canola oil / lisää rucola ja rypsiöljy.

Finally, add salt and pepper and mix well / lopuksi lisää suola sekä pippuri ja sekoita hyvin.





Deutschland! (Part III)

The last post about my summer vacation -and about time too, since summer is pretty much over!

Part I (Berlin) is here.

Part II (Dresden) is here.

And my report on my excursion to the Wollmeise store is here.

Now all that remains is Münich.


View from the tower in the Olympic Park. Note the huge BMW logo. If you ever go to Münich with a car-enthusiast, the BMW museum is a must. Even for me it wasn’t too dull.

It might be because we stayed in Münich longer than in the other cities, or because there we got to experience some serious summer heat, but it might have been my favourite. It’s not as huge as Berlin, so walking was easier, food was great, the weather was warm and people less homogeneous.


We did a lot of the basic tourist stuff. There are a ton of beautiful churches in Münich -my favourite was one that is on a small shopping street, nestled between clothing stores and cafés. To step from a busy 21st century shopping area to a highly ornamental 19th century church feels surreal. There was also a small yarn store nearby, that I came across simpyl by accident. And it wasn’t even the only time – I found another LYS near the Filmmuseum of Münich. Even if the Wollmeise store wasn’t just a train ride away, Münich would still be a great place for knitters.

When it comes to the restaurants, there were a few definite highlights. The first one is Max Pett.

An all-vegan restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating, the place was just the perfect one for dining on a hot July night. Fancy enough for special occasions, but not so formal as to make me uncomfortable in a tank top.


This photo was taken the night we ate outside. My starter salad had a Asian vibe (with mushrooms and seitan meat), and was very delicious. The drink is rhubarb juice mixed with sparkling water. It’s hard to buy good rhubarb juice in Finland, so I used every opportunity for it in Germany,

We ate at Max Pett twice and I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you are planning to go, do reserve a table, however -the place got very full on our first visit.

For a compeltely different meal, I recommend Royal Kebabhaus, located at Arnulfstrasse 5 (right next to the main railway station):


Yep, vegan kebab! The place was open pretty late, and the staff was very friendly and understood English. Especially great if you have only a short time in Münich.

So, that’s pretty much it! I had so much fun on the trip that I could seriously imagine going again. 

Deutschland! (Part Two)

From Berlin we went to…Guess where?


I’m going to a town that has already been burnt down

(Rufus Wainwright: “Going to a Town”)

Well actually Rufus is referring to Berlin in that song, but it does seem to describe Dresden as well.

We didn’t originally plan to go to Dresden because we both remembered from history lessons that the city was destroyed in WWII -we didn’t think of it as a very tourist-y place. My mother then of course told us that in fact, most of the historical centre of the city has been rebuilt. In many cases some of the original, burned bricks were used alognside new ones, resulting in a mix of dark and white colours.

Arriving to the (rebuilt) Altstadt over a bridge from the Neuestadt, all the churches and opera and Zwinger palace do look very impressive. They seem to loom over you, fairly close together, with discoloured walls and blackened statues.


I loved playing a tourist in the Altstadt, and Galerie Neue Meister was one of my favourite museums on the trip. It was, however, the Neuestadt that made us feel at home.

The population in Dresden is almost the same as in Helsinki, so it might be that the city just felt like the right size -something you can conquer on foot, that doesn’t overwhelm you, but that still has the sights and sounds of a big city. The area that our hotel was in also had a very Kallio-esque vibe (in a good way; other Finns will understand).

There were two eco supermarkets close to our hotel, in addition to one all-vegan restaurant. Two vegan-friendly places were also nearby, and for lunch we went to the Laden Cafe that is right in the middle of the tourist-y area in Altstadt. I would especially recommend the Laden Cafe and the vegan restaurant Falscher Hase:


This dish was apparently a veganized version of a German classic. And waffles for dessert! A good and hearty meal.

I didn’t visit any yarnstores in Dresden and really only knit on the train and while watching football. So no knitting content this time -but I’m pretty sure that the next post will make up for that 😉



Deutschland! (Part I)

I’m back from my two-week vacation in Germany! There’s just so much to tell that I’m going to divide my report into multiple posts (probably one for each city we visited, plus one special entry for Wollmeise).

Part I: Landed in Berlin


After another production of “The Flying Dutchman” / I landed in Berlin

(Rufus Wainwright: “Perfect Man”)

As our last two trips were to Amsterdam and Copenhagen, Berlin by comparison is huge. My legs hurt from trying to walk everywhere.


Won’t you walk me through the Tiergarten / Won’t you walk me through it all, darling

Doesn’t matter if it is raining / We’ll get to the other side of town

(Rufus Wainwright: “Tiergarten”)

We walked in Tiergarten on a very cloudy, humid midday. Birds sang and we saw very few people. The place was definitely one of my favorites.

When me emerged from the peacefulness of the Tiergarten, we were confronted by the huge screens and beer advertisements of the UEFA “fan area”. Then it was empty, but on the eve of the Germany-Greece match half a million people gathered to watch the game there.

Food-wise, we mostly relied on restaurants listed on HappyCow.com, or improvised with Asian places that seem to be hugely popular all over Germany. Also, if we had stayed in a place with a kitchen, the numerous eco-supermarkets would have served as fine; they always seemed to have soy milk, soy cheese, tofu and vegan candies. Still, a few times during the vacation I was forced to eat just pommes frites, or pasta arrabiata, ohne käse” bitte (without cheese, please). 

For my daily dose of caffeine, I relied very heavily on Starbucks. Probably slightly more expensive than the local average cup of coffee, but they also have free wi-fi and don’t charge extra for soy milk.

Since we visited so many restaurants, I’m only going to give the highlights of each city. In Berlin, our favourite was Vaust (address Pestalozzistrasse 8; info on Happycow here). The dishes showed some imagination, in my opinion:


A watermelon “steak” with peas and rice. It was really good! I do love tofu, but it’s nice to eat something else sometimes.

Our other favourite was Veggie Chinese Gourmet Cuisine (infopage here). Really good value for the price, but we had severe problems getting understood in German or English. The service, while extremely friendly, also wasn’t the fastest. Still, the best Satay Tofu I’ve had:


Because I knew I was going to the Wollmeise store later, I did hardly any yarn shopping in Berlin. I only visited one shop, Handmade Berlin:
handmade Berlin

The cafe kept dear BF happy while I browsed. I did in the end buy one skein of a locally dyed sock yarn (Yarn Edition Socks by Tulliver).



An Anniversary

I’ve had grand ambitions about all sorts of things that I want to write about (Rufus! VegFest! Spring walks in Helsinki! More vegan baking!) but have directed too much of my energy elsewhere to have any left for blogging. Luckily I have perfected the quick-and-dirty-version of cooking and cleaning -surely I can adapt the same principles to writing…

Camera Roll-322

The socks are done! Have been for a while now. 

Yarn: Zitron Trekking Pro Natura, dyed by me using KoolAid (success!)

Pattern: I picked the stitch pattern from Pieni suuri neulekirja (orig. Knitting Stitches: over 300 contemporary and traditional stitch patterns) by Mary Webb. Otherwise this is my basic sock – 72 sts, short-row heel and all that jazz.

Speaking of quick-and-dirty cooking…

Camera Roll-314

Some of our guests probably think that all I ever eat is salads, because I serve them so often. This one’s one of my favourites: tasty, healthy, filling and ready in 20 minutes. The recipe is from Viiden tähden vegaani.

Because I somehow felt too busy/tired to write last week, I also missed my blog’s anniversary. Yep, I’ve been writing here for a year now!

I’ve received prizes from other people’s giveaways, but have never hosted one myself. This occasion seemed like the perfect excuse to have one, especially since I have the perfect prize:

Camera Roll-327

It’s fingering weight sock yarn (60% wool, 20% bamboo, 20% silk) from Handu. She’s a fantastic Finnish dyer and co-author of the book Neulekirja. I’ve used her other yarns before (most recently in one of the stockinette socks), but this skein I got as a mistake. It’s still very pretty, though, and should make some knitter very happy.

So here’s the deal. I’ve learned that in the knitting community nothing draws out people like free yarn, and I’m shamelessly going to take advantage of this fact now.

Posterous has some kind of page-hit statistics, and although the numbers are fairly small, I’m guessing they can’t all be from M (or our cat-loving friend 😉 but have not entirely ruled out the possibility of Posterous reporting some ghost readers. Therefore: comments needed!

Place a comment for a chance to win the yarn. I’m going to randomly pick one winner on June 1st. You do not need to be in Finland/Europe to be eligible.

Please mention in your comment if you’re not a knitter (alternative prize needed) or are vegan/strict vegetarian (alternative yarn needed). Other information is also welcome, such as how you found me.

(total fail in quick-and-dirty blogging, btw!)