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Winner & Vacation

It’s June, and that means two things:

1. Vacation time!

2. Giveaway winner!

Let’s start with no. 2. My last post got 5 comments (the 6th being from me). I used the random number generator and got the number …4! The fourth comment was from siperoinen, congrats! If you are on Ravelry, please send me a message there with your mailing address (my username -big surprise- is vi0let). Otherwise you can email me at vi0letin @ yahoo.com.

In other news, I did indeed turn in my thesis yesterday. I now feel like I were 14 again, giddy with the freedom of summer at the end of a school year.

At the same time, I have been plagued by nostalgia for the most ordinary things. The ladies’ toilets at the university main building (how I have despaired at the writings on the walls over the years)! The smell of wood, dust and coffee in lecture halls; my favourite teacher’s story about what’s wrong with Heroes (repeated ad nauseam); the vegan banana cake at the cafeteria…

I will, of course, have to make corrections to my thesis, but not until my advisor has had time to read it. For now, I’m free as a bird.

I have very exciting things coming up in June (partly planned as a carrot for finishing my thesis) and some are knitting-related, so stay tuned. I have also some projects to blog about, but I think I will save them for next time. Have a nice weekend everyone!



An Anniversary

I’ve had grand ambitions about all sorts of things that I want to write about (Rufus! VegFest! Spring walks in Helsinki! More vegan baking!) but have directed too much of my energy elsewhere to have any left for blogging. Luckily I have perfected the quick-and-dirty-version of cooking and cleaning -surely I can adapt the same principles to writing…

Camera Roll-322

The socks are done! Have been for a while now. 

Yarn: Zitron Trekking Pro Natura, dyed by me using KoolAid (success!)

Pattern: I picked the stitch pattern from Pieni suuri neulekirja (orig. Knitting Stitches: over 300 contemporary and traditional stitch patterns) by Mary Webb. Otherwise this is my basic sock – 72 sts, short-row heel and all that jazz.

Speaking of quick-and-dirty cooking…

Camera Roll-314

Some of our guests probably think that all I ever eat is salads, because I serve them so often. This one’s one of my favourites: tasty, healthy, filling and ready in 20 minutes. The recipe is from Viiden tähden vegaani.

Because I somehow felt too busy/tired to write last week, I also missed my blog’s anniversary. Yep, I’ve been writing here for a year now!

I’ve received prizes from other people’s giveaways, but have never hosted one myself. This occasion seemed like the perfect excuse to have one, especially since I have the perfect prize:

Camera Roll-327

It’s fingering weight sock yarn (60% wool, 20% bamboo, 20% silk) from Handu. She’s a fantastic Finnish dyer and co-author of the book Neulekirja. I’ve used her other yarns before (most recently in one of the stockinette socks), but this skein I got as a mistake. It’s still very pretty, though, and should make some knitter very happy.

So here’s the deal. I’ve learned that in the knitting community nothing draws out people like free yarn, and I’m shamelessly going to take advantage of this fact now.

Posterous has some kind of page-hit statistics, and although the numbers are fairly small, I’m guessing they can’t all be from M (or our cat-loving friend 😉 but have not entirely ruled out the possibility of Posterous reporting some ghost readers. Therefore: comments needed!

Place a comment for a chance to win the yarn. I’m going to randomly pick one winner on June 1st. You do not need to be in Finland/Europe to be eligible.

Please mention in your comment if you’re not a knitter (alternative prize needed) or are vegan/strict vegetarian (alternative yarn needed). Other information is also welcome, such as how you found me.

(total fail in quick-and-dirty blogging, btw!)