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Fall in Pictures


Camera Roll-493

Walking in Vanhakaupunki (literally “Oldtown”).


The Girl Hat That Was On Fire (Slable by Woolly Wormhead)

Camera Roll-492

Even though I dislike Juha Tapio and have seen Kaksi vanhaa puuta lyrics used in way too many wedding invitations, the song still makes me cry every fricking time.

Camera Roll-494

My mother insisted on celebrating my graduation somehow. Because I threatened not to show up if I didn’t get to do the planning, the guests very few and all food vegan. The menu was:

Mushroom Focaccia (recipe from Chocochili)

My father’s Waldorf Salad, recipe for vegan dressing from Papu, porkkana ja hillopulla by Marianne Kiskola

Rachel Ray’s quinoa salad with roasted bell peppers (shown in the photo)

Soyballs from Veganissimo (shown)

Camera Roll-495

Dessert: modified version of the cake in Puputyttö ja vohvelisankari (featuring Airy & Creamy soycream) and banana-lingonberry cake (Chocochili)


More walking:

Camera Roll-496

Featuring yet another hat! This one I testknit for Stefanie Bold. The cardigan is also a handknit, but was made by my mother at least 20 years ago.

More eating:

Camera Roll-439

Vegan cupcakes from Niia’s Cupcakes. They have a stand in Forum Shopping Center and I’m pretty sure also do catering and stuff. The strawberry cupcake=piece of heaven.

Camera Roll-486

(Yep, more hats. Also featuring the Essayist Sweater.)

Camera Roll-481

We’ve been really enjoying the Great Outdoors this fall: mushroom picking with my father, walking in Keskuspuisto…It probably helped that temperatures were pretty high for most of September and October. However, it snowed last night so this weekend doesn’t look that promising. But I’m very happy I enjoyed it while it lasted!


Spreading the Love

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day

Picture shows me attempting to form a heart with my new mittens(!). As wiser knitters have already noted, it isn’t very easy.

There are a variety of things I have been very happy about lately, and what better day to mention them than St. Valentine’s? So without further ado, here goes:

1. Mittens 

Camera Roll-227

Mittens in waffle pattern (from 60 Quick Knits), knit in Dream in Color Classy (colourway in Vino Veritas).

Camera Roll-244

Virankannos Mittens (pattern free in Ulla) for the bf, knit in Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage, colourway Grove.

2. LYS-explosion

Both Snurre (homepage here), and Villavyyhti (homepage here) opened last year in Helsinki. And let’s not forget older favourites, either 🙂 After not having been to yarn stores in a while, there really is nothing better.

3. Etsy: knitting bags

There are many awesome shops but Bird Leg Bags is where I recently got two knitting bags. Not only did I get them fast, wrapped nicely and with a few extras, but OMG…Owls! and kittens! My two weaknesses.

4. (Vegan) Chocolate

A local healthfood store (Ruohonjuuri) has started carrying Moo Chocolates. I am totally addicted. They use rice milk which makes the chocolate taste very similar to “regular” milk chocolate. There are other brands on the market as well but Moo is my favourite. Yummy!




Helsinki Restaurant Day

Because I seriously dislike Facebook, I only read about the pop-up restaurant thing in Sunday’s newspaper. Obviously we then had to rush out immediately to get vegan cupcakes.


Cupcake Lab should really become an actual cafe/bakery. The concept was fun and the cupcakes delicious.


Chocolate-vanilla (not vegan) on the left and mocha-peanut butter on the right. Delish!


I wore my Tweety top because I’m afraid that any day now it’s going to be too cold to go around without a coat anymore. It is right now actually pouring rain and more chilly than yesterday, so we’ll see whether my fears will prove correct.

Tweety Eats Out

Rather unusually for me, the FO of this post is a garment.


No, I did not knit a sweater after my last entry -this was started ages ago, probably October last year. I had bought four skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca Cotton in a beautiful light yellow and cast on excitedly. The cotton, while very soft was also somewhat hard on my hands, so I put the project down for months. In April and May I knit most of the body, and then finally the yoke this month. I think this proves I’m a process knitter -how else could you explain the frenzy to knit 8 hats in the middle of the summer, when I could have been finishing a cotton top that one actually can use in warm weather?!

The pattern (insofar as this sweater has one) is the Seamless Yoke Sweater from Knitting without Tears. One of my best book purchases ever, btw. Has been incredibly useful and not at all expensive. Highly recommended.

I tested the sweater today when we ate out, and I think it fits fine. Not my best work to date, or I would have finished it sooner. However, the restaurant does deserve a mention.


I am eating an almond tofu dessert. That is, for some reason, shaped like a fish. It was still good. And vegan.

Empire Plaza (or “kampin kiinalainen”) might just be one of my favourite restaurants. The milieu (shopping center) might lead you to expect some second-rate Chinese place, but really the location just means that they are open late and crowded on Saturday afternoons. The staff is friendly and the food delicious. The menu is very large so even in a large group everyone can usually find something they like. Chinese is usually a good pick for vegans anyway, but I was especially smitten by their tofu dessert. Sweet, and wobbly. Perfect!