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Songs for Spring

As someone with a very long history of blogging attempts (many of which have not lasted nowhere near as long as this one) I think I have at last found the Secret that ensures one’s peace of mind and blogging happiness: write whatever and whenever you want.

Such an exclamation might traditionally signal an onslaught of sexual revelations, work rants and/or cute baby pictures, none of which is really my forte, so fear not. Instead, I just apparently really like making lists (and recommendations). And because I am today waiting really desperately for spring to arrive, I started listening to songs that for some reason remind me of that season.

1. Rubik // A Hard Try

what if the sun/leaned forward and sneaked into your heart/and through?

(I imagine sea & sunlight in Helsinki when I listen to this one.)

2. Rufus Wainwright // 11:11

woke up this morning at 11:11/wasn’t in Portland and I wasn’t in heaven/could have been either by the way I was feeling/but I was alive

(I remember listening to this on my way to high school in the spring, which is really the only connection the song has to changing seasons. But it’s still a really good song.)

3. Kate Bush // Cloudbusting

but every time it rains/you’re here in my head/like the sun coming out/I just know that something good is gonna happen/and I don’t know when/But just saying it could even make it happen

(I imagine gravel wet from spring rain)

4. flor-de-lis // Toda As Ruas Do Amor

(Portugal’s song in the Eurovision contest 2009)

5. Jonna Tervomaa // Tytöstä ja pojasta 

kadut täyttyy ja liput liehuvat/mä en ole nyt juhlatuulella/karkaa minun mukana puutarhaan/toisiimme kiinni kietoudutaan

(I’ve always thought that the celebrations mentioned in the lyrics are Mayday celebrations)