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From Grey to Red

I find myself today in a very red state of mind. I’ve just put up some Christmas decorations, drunk Christmas coffee (it’s very good, get it from Caffi) out of a red cup and am knitting a red shawlette.


Red is, of course, impossible to photograph so the colour in the picture is not quite right -although I have to say, I was surprised by how very nearly right it is. The yarn is one of my first online purchases, Araucania Ranco, and the pattern is Roses are red (available for purchase on Ravelry; I won my copy in a giveaway).

Although the shawl is nice, I’m still rather tempted to cast on yet another hat. So no, the Hat Knitting Madness is far from being over.


This is the gift hat I mentioned earlier. It turned out quite nice, although it might take a while before I can handle another item with so much reverse stockinette.


And this -this hat is most definitely for ME. I love it. The yarn is vegan handspun from MaidinEngland who is currently my Etsy-addiction no. 1.  I had only about 100m, so I started from the top and switched to leftover cotton when I ran out of the handspun.

I have also knit another gift hat and another handspun hat. Maybe I should always make Christmas present with a “one for you, one for me” -principle? I’m just too selfish to make four things in a row for other people.

Today might be my unofficial beginning of the Christmas season, but it’s also the end of Project Spectrum. I’m not sure whether I even mentioned what the November colours were (black & grey) but at least I did manage to knit something to fit the theme.

I’m rather surprised that I’ve kept this blog alive all through PS, although looking back now I can see that Project Spectrum was only a very vague source of inspiration…So it should be easy to just keep writing even after PS. It’s obviously going to be very whenever-the-mood-strikes-me, write-what-I-want-to-write-about, but that’s hardly news, right? 😉


The Fine Art of Condensing (part 1)

Someone has been a slacker, and now has way too much stuff to post about. Therefore: the abridged version of what should have been three separate entries.

1. Knitting (=hats)


Pattern: Anna Karenina, a paid-for pattern on Ravelry

Yarn: Berroco Comfort DK (a little over one 50g skein)

Thoughts: Looks very pretty, but I’m not overly fond of this much purling. Pattern has multiple sizes and decent decreases, so worth the money. Knitting this made Tori Amos’ song Yes, Anastasia ring in my head because, apparently, my brain confuses fictional Russian women with real historical ones.

Also, this was my Project Spectrum project for October (minus points to me for not posting it until November!)


Pattern: Wanderer Cap by Jared Flood, published in the book Weekend Hats

Yarn: Cascade 220 

Thoughts: This is actually the first Jared Flood pattern I’ve knit. Kinda nice, but the pattern was a bit vague about one thing and the finished hat looks small in the photos (I added one pattern repeat to make my version bigger). I’m not the only knitter to suspect that the sizing runs rather small in order to make it a one-skein project for (Jared Flood’s own yarn brand) Shelter.


Pattern: Brier Toque by Cecily Glowik MacDonald, also from Weekend Hats

Yarn: MaidinEngland vegan sock yarn (Etsy shop here), took less than one 50g skein

Thoughts: Pattern sort of meh (had to re-size and shorten) but I love the yarn. The colours are insane and the yarn feels very pleasant to knit, not at all squeaky like some acrylics. The shop also had very fast shipping and the prettiest packaging I’ve seen.

The Knitter’s Happy Place


It is still fall, it is still mostly raining. But I have had a few free days and am at peace with my knitting again.

Besides the free time, some other things helped me significantly:

– biscuits (as a result of the happy discovery that Pirkka Adele biscuits are vegan)

– coffee (drank from my knitting bunnies-mug, no less)

– small, colourful knitting (in this instance a cowl) 

-blogs (especially Mooncalf Makes)


I have decided to not feel guilty about unfinished sweaters, or being forced to buy mittens because I can’t be bothered to knit a pair. This is supposed to be a fun hobby and (as The Yarn Harlot writes) there is no knitting police. In this spirit, I finished an orange cowl out of Malabrigo Worsted and then cast on a Rikke hat (I was even so rebellious as to not use the specified cast on method). 


My hunger for colour has also led to some re-organisation around the house. So far this has meant that I am also more often inspired to clean up, so I’d say it’s a good thing!



Colour cravings


The weather has been wreaking havoc here, and almost killed my knitting. Rain, storm, drizzle -if it includes water, we’ve had it this month. And this week the rain has hardly stopped at all, making everything seem even more dreary. On top of everything, it is still too warm to wear most of my knitwear!

So isn’t it only natural that as I fight my way through a storm on a gray September evening, I crave for colour -the brighter, the better?

I have been both buying yarn like a madwoman, and casting on new (colourful) things. Hardly anything has, however, gotten finished. I feel like I don’t know what I want to do and so keep trying to do everything: socks, a sweater, scarves, hats…


This is my measly FO-pile; I’m including the book (The Help by Kathryn Stockett) because colour-wise it fits Project Spectrum and also because I love love loved it. The knit objects are both hats, and nothing to write home about. The green one is also my first contribution to Single Skein September (the other one was started in August, and therefore doesn’t count). 

Project Spectrum: September Inspiration


The September colour is yellow and I really couldn’t be more excited. Yellow and golden shades are sure to always catch my interest and, in addition to green, they are probably my favourite colours. Our home decor, for example, is pretty much a combination of green and yellow (not to mention some impromptu yarn & garment purchases!)

Yellow is also an excellent fall colour and I am very much hoping to get some great pictures of foliage. Knitting-wise, I took a head start with the Tweety top and am now having knitting fantasies about yellow and orange. My main project is electric blue, though, so yellow projects will probably only be accessories. Luckily September is also Single Skein September, a knit-along started by Stash and Burn. For more information, see their website and podcast. Actually, even if you have no time for SSS projects, I still heartily recommend their show. 

Getting cooking ideas for this month’s PS should also be easier that finding pink things for August 😉 We have already consumed vast quantities of zucchini from my father’s garden and I am planning dished with yellow peas and bell peppers.


I also always enjoy going through the We Heart Yarn blog, and colour-wise it is usually very fall-oriented. In any case the photography is always stunning, so go take a look! Even though I haven’t been knitting that many socks lately, I still love her pictures. And back when pretty much eveything I knit was meant for the feet I was really inspired by them.


I think that’s all for now, I have a sleeve to knit 🙂


Summer blues, August pinks

The summer seems to be drawing to a close. I’ve started wearing socks around the house and even after a warm day there is a hint of fall in the air at night. Obviously this also means that I can actually wear some of the knit things I’ve whipped out during the hot months, but it makes me a bit sad nonetheless.

Luckily there are some good things to be said about the end of summer. For example: harvest!


These are apparently called fava beans in English (härkäpavut in Finnish). My dad has a (very) green thumb, he grows these at out summer cottage. I find the little things quite photogenic. 

I also finished my garter-stitch shawl during the weekend. I still have not blocked it, and am not sure whether I will do so at all. It’s so perfectly squishy.


The yarn (Berroco Comfort Sock) was hand-dyed by Quo Vadis (etsy shop here). I used all 400m/100g by simply knitting until I ran out of yarn. It’s wonderfully bright and suitably pink for Project Spectrum 🙂

(The pattern? 22.5 degrees that I misread and then decided not to follow at all). 


(almost) Blue for July: the sock edition

I have a FO!


Pattern: Spring Cable (available here)

Yarn: Kollage Yarns Luscious, colorway Aqua Green

Needles: 2mm


This is my first finished pair of socks since October last year, almost a cause for celebration! I used to be obsessed with sock knitting, and was even afraid for a while that I was never going to get that enthusiasm back.

These socks are also special in that (as I explained before) I knit this pair to replace another dear pair, and even in the same pattern. They are also my first pair of non-wool knit socks, and I’m really looking forward to wearing them.