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Trials and Triumphs

I have a lot of knitting to write about, but first a little FYI: Posterous is annoying the hell out of me. For example, it says on my “manage” page that the last post has two comments -Alarwyn’s and then my response- but the web view only shows Alarwyn’s comment.

(I have also twice lost a draft because Posterous got completely stuck once I hit the “save” button. I’ve since learned to copy-paste all drafts to gmail. But onto other things!)

Ever since I got back from my holiday in Germany, I’ve had some problems in my knitting. Patterns I expected to be fool-proof successes end up the wrong size, or I mess them up; I lose enthusiasm halfway through; the softest yarn in the world turns out to be supersplitty and annoying. So far I think that I have frogged:

– 4 hat projects (3 barely started, 1 mostly done)

– at least 2 separate sock attempts

– a shawl

– a glove (visible in a photograph in the last entry)

– a mitten

While this has been really frustrating, I’ve also learned some things about both myself as a knitter (no linen stitch on small needles for me, thank you!) and the yarns I have. I’ve become especially acutely aware of the fact that as long as I enjoy the process of knitting something, it doesn’t matter if I realize halfway through it won’t fit me (it will fit someone).

Camera Roll-370

So Exhibit A: gorgeous yarn (Araucania Botany Lace), easy pattern (Truffle by Susanna IC, free on ravelry), too small for me -really suits dear BF, though!

This hat was the first thing I finished after I got home from Germany. I had been planning to take it with me, but was so close to finishing it that it wouldn’t have kept me entertained very long.

After the hat, I couldn’t get anything done for a while. Finally I decided that the only solution was the ultimate instant-gratification-project, a bulky hat:


The yarn is Madelinetosh Vintage in “hickory”, the pattern is from my head. Done in two days, and turned out exactly the way I envisioned it!

Then, before the Olympics started, I was struggling again. I think it was because I had been expecting the Knitting Olympics or Ravellenics for so long, and with such excitement, that my olympic project had to be just perfect. (I hurt my arm during the winter olympics and couldn’t knit then, so I was really eager to take part this year.)

Finally I settled upon The Bayret hat pattern, to be knit in the yarn I bought from Berlin:

ravellenic progress

I wanted a challenge, but there are cable twists on e v e r y round. It’s super slow, and I am really worried that I won’t finish in time.

Then inspiration struck. Another raveller needed a few yards of a sock yarn that I had a full skein of, so I went diving in my stash to mail some to her. And once I had the yarn in my hands I got an idea…

gloves knit in Handmaiden Casbah


…And my idea worked! There’s more info on my project page, but I was inspired by two patterns and also used LarisDesign’s Knotty Gloves for guidance. I was worried that the fingers would just seem really fiddly, but it was actually pretty fun to knit them. All in all, the project went really fast -I was ready in 4 days! The Usain Bolt -equivalent of the knitting world, isn’t it? 😉


This cute cupcake I got from a friend as a gift when I turned in my thesis for official review. Another personal triumph!