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Some Unofficial, Totally Casual Resolutions

I sort of didn’t want to make any new year’s resolutions but unofficially, in my head, I still made some. Could just as well write them down.

Knit more for other people. Last year I consciously only knit 12 things for others (in addition to which there were 5 things that I started for myself, but ended up gifting for various reasons). I really have all the scarves I need, not to mention hats, so it makes no sense to keep everything I make. Also, I often get these great ideas about what I could knit for someone, but only when it’s too late to get it finished in time. 

I am at heart a process knitter, and I know that if I feel like knitting a hat, then I will knit a hat. I don’t think I can change that, but maybe I can make the hat in a size that fits someone else.

Show your supporta.) I listen to a lot of knitting podcasts and read some blogs like they were novels. That equals a lot of free entertainment, and the authors should know how much I appreciate them. That means more comments, emails or Ravelry messages, and in the case of podcasts that don’t have advertisements, hitting that donate-button every now and then. 

(If you’re curious about my favourite podcasts or blogs, there’s a short list in the sidebar on the left. For a more comprehensive list of blogs, see my friends on Ravelry and the “friends’ blogs” tab. There’s a very lovely giveaway on one of them.)

b.) The Helsinki metropolitan area might be one of the best places in the world for local yarn stores. There are 12 that I visit at least once a year (and the few favourites about once a month) and I don’t even drive. If I did, there are a few more I might visit, too. Many of these places host knit nights and KIP events, offer classes, support and a place to meet other crafters. I really want to keep it this way. In 2013 I want to buy more of my knitting supplies from brick-and-mortar stores and limit my online shopping.

These resolutions do not, however, mean that I should forget the following:

Knit what you enjoy. This is a hobby; there’s no rule that says I should learn new things with every project, or that knitting garments is more worthwhile than knitting accessories. If I want to spend the year knitting stockinette beanies for everyone I know, I will do just that.