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A surprise, a blue ensemble, and socks

Surprise: I have a pattern in Ulla!


Pattern: in Finnish, here

Yarn: Wollmeise 80/20 twin, leftover from a shawl I knit two summers ago

Thoughts: Not the most spectacular hat nor pattern, but pretty exciting nontheless ๐Ÿ™‚

The blue shawl I showed last time did also get finished in time.


For some reason I look extremely white and annoyed. Oh, the mysteries of photography.

Pattern: Evi by Stricklust, available for free through Ravelry

Yarn: Wollmeise 100% merino, in WD Blue Curacao

Thoughts: Easy pattern, a relatively quick knit (I started on June 1st and finished last Saturday, June 16th). In the end I actually ran out of yarn while binding off, and had to finish with some random Finnish sock yarn.

The pattern is very easy to memorize, and looks impressive although it’s just knits and purls. I got less repeats than the pattern specified, so my gauge was probably off. I always use size 3.5mm needles for knitting lace with Wollmeise. For this shawl I used my new Chiagoo Lace needles that are pure love -pointy tips and a strong cord. I got mine from Villavyyhti in Helsinki.

Camera Roll-389

Despite my morose expression, I can assure you that the party was fabulous.

Finally, I have a pair of very sweet socks:

Camera Roll-370

Pattern: just my basic sock -72 sts, short-row heel. 

Yarn: Ladybug Fiber Company 400yards/100g sock yarn. This is the softest, squishiest sock yarn you can imagine! Knitting it was pure joy -it’s a very round 2-ply, a blend of 80% merino and 20% nylon. I imagine it would also be perfect for cables (this self-striping version of course is best in stockinette). 

The colourway is named “Johnny Jump Up” (google tells me it’s a flower) but I think of these as my Cupcake Socks. The colours make me think of sprinkles and frosting and all things sweet. And of course yarn this nice feels like a treat.

Camera Roll-364


Shawl Madness

As usual, I have started my summer by knitting shawls.


Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks That Rock Lightweight, colourway “The New Colour of Love”, two skeins

Pattern: well, mine, sort-of.

Somewhere around March or April I started dreaming of knitting a larger shawl. This green yarn was one of the few lightweight yarns I had more than one skein of, and also seemed suitably spring-y and cheerful. I started a simple stockinette triangle, thinking that I would figure out a lace edging when I got there.

I knit about 50% of the shawl while watching all of the LotR movies and listening to The Hobbit on audiobook. (Despite numerous attempts, I never finished reading LotR but thought that Hobbit might be more approachable. Being able to knit while I listened certainly helped, but still I didn’t exactly fall in love.) Once I was finished with all of the movies and the book, it was rather depressing to realise that I was only halfway through the shawl. (This happens e-v-e-r-y t-i-m-e. Will I ever learn that I get bored knitting shawls?!)

I slowly slogged through the rest of the project. I did get somewhat excited when I found the lace pattern -it’s a modified version of a lace edging featured in the spring issue of Knitscene. In the end I knit the last 25% of the shawl in 24 hours (something which I would not recommend for anyone -my hands hurt a lot afterwards).


I do really like the finished object, though. Which is my only explanation for my current project…

Camera Roll-357

Yes, it’s another shawl. My excuses are that 1.) it’s Wollmeise 2.) This one has a purpose -I’m hoping to wear it to an event next Tuesday. I have been tracking my progress with the Shawl Porgress Calculator from rose-kim.com. 

The Accidental Cowl

I’ve been suffering from startitis and consequently haven’t finished very much. I have only two FOs to report, not hats! Although one of them was going to be a hat.

Camera Roll-397

Seems that the photographer failed to inform me of random bits of yarn sticking out. Sigh.

Pattern: Sugared violets (Ravelry-link) by Rose Beck, from the Be Mine -collection. As I’m sure I’ve already mentioned, I got the pattern collection as a prize, but had I paid for it, it totally would have been worth the money. Way too often do I buy knitting books and hardly knit any patterns from them, while from this I’ve now knit three out of five. This collection was probably perfect for me because the pattern are quite simple -as much as I admire complicated lace shawls, easy ones like these are really what I want to knit.

Yarn: Malabrigo Rios, colourway “zarzamora”, two skeins. I had to leave out the lace edge and still I ran out of yarn. I finished the bind off with Dream in Color Classy leftovers.

This scarf is supersoft and warm, but I actually already put it away for the summer (and then, we got snow. I might have been too eager with this). This next one, on the other hand, I haven’t gotten a chance to wear yet:

Camera Roll-389

Pattern: Reverie Beret from Knitty. But why is it not a beret, you ask? Well…

Usually, if I’m using fingering-weight yarn for a hat, I cast on 148-156 stitches for the brim. In the Reverie pattern the cast on number is 112. “Ridiculous!” I thought. “I’ve knit so many hats by now that I know what to do. I just cast on 156 and follow the pattern from there.”

What I missed here is that usually I CO 156 sts in rib, and then continue in stockinette. The Reverie pattern includes yarn overs, lots of them. The gauge is completely different. I had 208 stitches after the increase round, which might have been fine for a stockinette beret, but not for this. When I finally tried it on, it was huge. Like You-Could-Hide-A-Sombrero-In-There huge.

Before I could despair, I realized that it might make a nice cowl-thing for the spring (also, I don’t like ripping. Who does?). So I continued to knit with the 208 stitches until the whole thing was about 14cm, and then increased 1 stitch in every pattern repeat. Once it seemed that I was running out of yarn, I knit ribbing for a few rounds. Success!

I’m planning to wear it like this:

Camera Roll-398

The combination of a turtleneck pullover with a lace cowl is rather jarring, but maybe with a yellow t-shirt in air conditioned places? Hmm…

Oh, and the yarn is merino sock yarn from Handu that I bought about two years ago. The cowl used the whole skein.

January FO Parade

 It had to happen eventually. After knitting only hats, I’ve suddenly become extremely productive knitting everything but hats. Let’s start with the biggest project.

the essayist sweater

Pattern: Essayist Pullover by Deborah Newton. Published in Knitscene Fall issue 2010

Yarn: Cascade Yarns Eco+

Thoughts: very warm, squishy, surprisingly soft. I messed up the collar, though.

I am often influenced by pattern names, and this one was just irresistible. Back in November 2010 when I started this project, I was taking my last literature course and feeling rather nostalgic about how I would never again spend afternoons writing self-consciously pretentious essays on Jane Austen. I also loved the colour of the pattern sample, and chose Eco+ from my stash because it was a similar colour, even though the fibre content was very different. I knit maybe 10cm of the body and one sleeve before getting hand pain and when I got better, it was spring and too warm for bulky sweaters.

I wasn’t really inspired to finish it until these past few months. I wanted to be able to wear it as I spent afternoons writing my hopefully less pretentious thesis ๐Ÿ˜‰

Camera Roll-195

Pattern: Roses are Red, available for purchase through Ravelry

Yarn: Araucania Ranco

Thoughts: A very old yarn gets finally used and the result is pretty, yay! Also, I won the pattern as a prize. I never win anything!

This one was an easy knit. My knitting always slows down with these triangle shawls as the rows get longer and longer, but I powered through the final pattern repeats last weekend. 

valentine socks

Pattern: None. 

Yarn: Yarn Love Marianne Dashwood, colourway “Valentine”

Thoughts: My sock mojo is BACK!

I think I’ve finally gotten back into the groove. I knit these in 8 days, which isn’t too bad since I also finished the shawl. The yarn had been waiting for some years now in my stash, and I decided that I was finally going to have Valentine socks for St. Valentine’s Day. I had forgotten how fast plain stockinette socks can be, even for my size 11 feet! Also a nice little Austen reference in the yarn name. Just perfect!

valentine socks


From Grey to Red

I find myself today in a very red state of mind. I’ve just put up some Christmas decorations, drunk Christmas coffee (it’s very good, get it from Caffi) out of a red cup and am knitting a red shawlette.


Red is, of course, impossible to photograph so the colour in the picture is not quite right -although I have to say, I was surprised by how very nearly right it is. The yarn is one of my first online purchases, Araucania Ranco, and the pattern is Roses are red (available for purchase on Ravelry; I won my copy in a giveaway).

Although the shawl is nice, I’m still rather tempted to cast on yet another hat. So no, the Hat Knitting Madness is far from being over.


This is the gift hat I mentioned earlier. It turned out quite nice, although it might take a while before I can handle another item with so much reverse stockinette.


And this -this hat is most definitely for ME. I love it. The yarn is vegan handspun from MaidinEngland who is currently my Etsy-addiction no. 1.  I had only about 100m, so I started from the top and switched to leftover cotton when I ran out of the handspun.

I have also knit another gift hat and another handspun hat. Maybe I should always make Christmas present with a “one for you, one for me” -principle? I’m just too selfish to make four things in a row for other people.

Today might be my unofficial beginning of the Christmas season, but it’s also the end of Project Spectrum. I’m not sure whether I even mentioned what the November colours were (black & grey) but at least I did manage to knit something to fit the theme.

I’m rather surprised that I’ve kept this blog alive all through PS, although looking back now I can see that Project Spectrum was only a very vague source of inspiration…So it should be easy to just keep writing even after PS. It’s obviously going to be very whenever-the-mood-strikes-me, write-what-I-want-to-write-about, but that’s hardly news, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Summer blues, August pinks

The summer seems to be drawing to a close. I’ve started wearing socks around the house and even after a warm day there is a hint of fall in the air at night. Obviously this also means that I can actually wear some of the knit things I’ve whipped out during the hot months, but it makes me a bit sad nonetheless.

Luckily there are some good things to be said about the end of summer. For example: harvest!


These are apparently called fava beans in English (härkäpavut in Finnish). My dad has a (very) green thumb, he grows these at out summer cottage. I find the little things quite photogenic. 

I also finished my garter-stitch shawl during the weekend. I still have not blocked it, and am not sure whether I will do so at all. It’s so perfectly squishy.


The yarn (Berroco Comfort Sock) was hand-dyed by Quo Vadis (etsy shop here). I used all 400m/100g by simply knitting until I ran out of yarn. It’s wonderfully bright and suitably pink for Project Spectrum ๐Ÿ™‚

(The pattern? 22.5 degrees that I misread and then decided not to follow at all).