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Hat knitting: the bookish edition


Here’s my Rikke hat. I love the colour of the yarn -at first glance it appears just brown, but in the right lighting you can see subtle shades of purple and green. Very forest-y, I think. My progress has been slow because I’ve been attempting to read at the same time (actually pretty easy on the knit rounds, somewhat more difficult to manage on the purl rounds.)

The second book I picked up after The Help was just as good although very different: We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson. Very hard to classify, that one. An atmospheric, quirky horror story. Some review/analysis compared it to Henry James’ Turn of the Screw but luckily it really wasn’t much like it at all, since I heartily disliked James’ novella.

Now I have started Barbara Pym’s Excellent Women and it is looking good so far. I can hardly believe my luck, since usually only about one out of five books I start reading turn out to be any good. And now three in a row? Better knock on wood!


The Knitter’s Happy Place


It is still fall, it is still mostly raining. But I have had a few free days and am at peace with my knitting again.

Besides the free time, some other things helped me significantly:

– biscuits (as a result of the happy discovery that Pirkka Adele biscuits are vegan)

– coffee (drank from my knitting bunnies-mug, no less)

– small, colourful knitting (in this instance a cowl) 

-blogs (especially Mooncalf Makes)


I have decided to not feel guilty about unfinished sweaters, or being forced to buy mittens because I can’t be bothered to knit a pair. This is supposed to be a fun hobby and (as The Yarn Harlot writes) there is no knitting police. In this spirit, I finished an orange cowl out of Malabrigo Worsted and then cast on a Rikke hat (I was even so rebellious as to not use the specified cast on method). 


My hunger for colour has also led to some re-organisation around the house. So far this has meant that I am also more often inspired to clean up, so I’d say it’s a good thing!



Colour cravings


The weather has been wreaking havoc here, and almost killed my knitting. Rain, storm, drizzle -if it includes water, we’ve had it this month. And this week the rain has hardly stopped at all, making everything seem even more dreary. On top of everything, it is still too warm to wear most of my knitwear!

So isn’t it only natural that as I fight my way through a storm on a gray September evening, I crave for colour -the brighter, the better?

I have been both buying yarn like a madwoman, and casting on new (colourful) things. Hardly anything has, however, gotten finished. I feel like I don’t know what I want to do and so keep trying to do everything: socks, a sweater, scarves, hats…


This is my measly FO-pile; I’m including the book (The Help by Kathryn Stockett) because colour-wise it fits Project Spectrum and also because I love love loved it. The knit objects are both hats, and nothing to write home about. The green one is also my first contribution to Single Skein September (the other one was started in August, and therefore doesn’t count). 

Project Spectrum: September Inspiration


The September colour is yellow and I really couldn’t be more excited. Yellow and golden shades are sure to always catch my interest and, in addition to green, they are probably my favourite colours. Our home decor, for example, is pretty much a combination of green and yellow (not to mention some impromptu yarn & garment purchases!)

Yellow is also an excellent fall colour and I am very much hoping to get some great pictures of foliage. Knitting-wise, I took a head start with the Tweety top and am now having knitting fantasies about yellow and orange. My main project is electric blue, though, so yellow projects will probably only be accessories. Luckily September is also Single Skein September, a knit-along started by Stash and Burn. For more information, see their website and podcast. Actually, even if you have no time for SSS projects, I still heartily recommend their show. 

Getting cooking ideas for this month’s PS should also be easier that finding pink things for August 😉 We have already consumed vast quantities of zucchini from my father’s garden and I am planning dished with yellow peas and bell peppers.


I also always enjoy going through the We Heart Yarn blog, and colour-wise it is usually very fall-oriented. In any case the photography is always stunning, so go take a look! Even though I haven’t been knitting that many socks lately, I still love her pictures. And back when pretty much eveything I knit was meant for the feet I was really inspired by them.


I think that’s all for now, I have a sleeve to knit 🙂