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The Fine Art of Condensing (part 2)

This time: our tip to Tallinn, Estonia!

A few weeks ago, I had the whole weekend off work so we decided to make the most of it. We left on Friday around noon from the Helsinki harbour (with the fastest ferries the trip’s only a few hours), had most of the Friday and all of Saturday there before coming back in the late evening. Turns out you can do a lot in day and a half.


We were just passing through the bus station to get to the Viru (Shopping) Center and noticed these knit graffitis! Pretty cool. Also, I’m wearing the Anastasia hat I wrote about in the last entry.

For knitters, there is a place in Tallinn that ranks no 1 on the must-visit-list. I am of course referring to Karnaluks, the huge store where I have bought yarn for two of the sweaters I’ve knit. It’s the place to go for cheap 10-skein packs of yarn, including some of the discontinued variety. For more information (if you are planning a visit), it’s best to check the Ravelry forums (or this blog, if you understand Finnish). I bought Rowan bamboo and organic cotton dk. Now I’m of course kicking myself for not checking whether they had Rowan Calmer, as I’ve just heard it’s been discontinued! I still haven’t knit with it (and have only seen it once, in Amsterdam) and I really want to try it before it disappears.

In addition to yarn, I also did quite a bit of just general shopping. I found a nice sweater for myself, a birthday present for my mom and a new oven mitt that has cute sheep all over it.

Food-wise, Tallinn is not the best vacation destination for a vegan but since it was such a short trip, I could manage. The Italian restaurant Vapiano (a chain that also has restaurants in Finland) had multiple pasta options – I just had to say no to the parmesan, which wasn’t difficult since they asked about it. The breakfast at our hotel was also surprisingly good -beans, mushrooms and toast plus fresh fruit. They didn’t have soy milk, but there’s at least one Robert’s Coffee in the city centre so we stopped there after shopping.

The real highlight of the trip, however, was the restaurant Aed. I had read good things about it, so when the place was full around eight we decided to get drinks elsewhere and come back -I sure am happy we did that since the place was awesome. It’s located in the Old Town, but not in the most tourist-y part of it, which means that the prices are very reasonable. I had a salad, red beet cutlets and chocolate cake as well as bread, wine and tea. All this cost about 18€.

The next day we went back to Aed for lunch since sometimes you really can’t have too much of a good thing. I had a vegetable pasta and sorbet for dessert as well as coffee with soy milk.


I would definitely recommend Aed for everyone -it’s not all-vegan so it’s not perfect, but on the other hand I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so good vegan food at a mainstream restaurant.

So that’s about it 🙂 Next time: a book review!