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The Wollmeise Report


Hi…Guess where I’m going?!


The wall of “nobody is perfect” skeins.


And here are the regular skeins. Knitting supplies at the back.



One happy shopper!

So yeah, I got to visit the Wollmeise store on June 29th. The train ride from Münich took about 30 minutes to Pfaffenhofen, and then we had a 10 minute walk to the store. It was over 30 degrees outside, the hottest day of our trip, but even that didn’t lessen my enthusiasm.

The shop was organized very well, the colours amazing (of course), and everyone was super nice. On the way back, I also got to spend some extra time with two other Ravelers (check out manduh’s blog here and adriprints’ here).

And…Well, I guess you want to see the goods, right?

Camera Roll-364

Starting from above-left, I got Wollmeise 80/20 Twin in “Orient”, two Twin “nobody is perfect” skeins (ie, the colour does not match the colourway it was supposed to be), 100% Merino in “Saami”, another “nobody is perfect” skein and a huge 300g skein of Wollmeise lace (a nobody is perfect -version of The Auster colourway).

Yes, I’m now on a yarn diet. But it was worth it!

I also recently managed to finish the knitting that I had with me on the trip (I’m also working on it in that first photo). I took only one project, can you believe that?


The yarn is also wollmeise, a NiP version of “Blue Suzanne”. I knew I wanted to knit wollmeise on my vacation, but agonized over which pattern to choose. Finally I settled on a sock pattern, “Helix Socks” from Brave New Knits.

I knit the rib and a few rounds before leaving. I did try the sock on at that point, and it seemed fine. Unfortunately, after that I mostly knit on it in public places -and didn’t try it on again until after finishing the heel. Didn’t fit. It wasn’t even close. At which point I was in Dresden, and really didn’t want to rip the whole thing. So I ripped the heel and made mittens. They are long, warm, and lovely 🙂